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Thanks for your business. Hay auctions every Mon. year around,@ 1:00 PM. NOTICE we are remodeling our car wash bay to acommadate a drive by hay auction where you can watch the trucks of hay go by a huge window and be sold with the comforts of being inside on cold days! All the loads will be numbered so you can inspect before the sale. The loads on the ground that can't be driven by the window will be videotaped and will be shown on a big monitor inside. This will give us a faster speed for our internet buyers where before we were getting to much lagg time with wi fi.
                  If you have any questions call Willy's cell 605 770 0662 any time. Office 605-946-5002. NOTICE! Added service for our HAY auction, sign up for our free text message of our consignments on your cell phone at 12:00pm mondays in Corsica, This will remind you that there is an hay auction that day and give an idea what is at the sale. send us text message or call us at 605 770 0662, if you want to sign up for this text message service.
Free company Order buying Willy cell 605 770 0662 Office 605-946-5002 New free independent order buyer Ben Ymker cell 605 680 4840. Real Estate Auctioneer for online ebay type real estate auction is RE Auctioneer Allen Ymker #15196 call 605-680-4843. This type of real estate auction is more resonable commission and have bigger contact area.
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Location of Corsica auction is 38 miles southwest of Mitchell SD. or 18 miles south of I-90 on highway 281.